Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation at Tatem

Dear Parent and Guardians,

Tatem Elementary proudly offers a Peer Mediation program which is available to students in second through fifth grade.  The program is intended for the students to help resolve conflicts themselves in a mature and responsible manner. 

To participate in Peer Mediation, a student must first fill out a Peer Mediation form requesting a peer mediation session.  These forms are available in all second through fifth grade classrooms and may also be downloaded at the above link.  Parents, please do not hesitate to complete a form if you think that your child will benefit from a peer mediation session.

If those involved agree to participate in this process, a session will be scheduled within the next week.  Each peer mediation session is lead by students that have been trained by Mrs. Batoff and Mr. Rosenberg.  During mediation, the mediators assist students to identify the issue(s), brainstorm possible solutions, and reach an agreement that will put everyone involved in a win-win situation.

This program provides an additional layer of support for our children, so that they have the best possible school experience at Tatem. 

If you have any questions, please contact me or Mrs. Batoff.


Mr. Rosenberg