Sent 10/24/2012


Please be reminded that if your child is going to be late to school, or absent from school, that you call the office before school starts and leave a message to inform us. Please call 856-429-5851 ext. 222 and follow the prompts. When a student is not in homeroom when attendance is taken, and we do not have a message regarding an absence on each missing child, we are alarmed.  We then have to work to track the student down in a timely fashion and account for him or her – and in a school of 576 students – with approximately 35 students absent on any given day – that means a lot of hunting.  We would appreciate your diligence in notifying us in the event of your child’s lateness or absence.

Thank you!

Mrs. Horwitz


Sent 10/22/2012

Dear Parents:

There are many factors that can occasionally cause a child to be late to school.  Lateness to school becomes a problem when the causes become overwhelming and/or frequent.  While most students at the Middle School are late less than 3 times per quarter, we have had a significant number of students who are late to school more than 3 times per quarter.  In the 2011-12 school year, there were 3,379 instances of late arrivals to school.   

 Needless to say, lateness to school impacts a child’s academic success – especially in those subjects missed frequently due to late arrival.  In our attempt to reduce the number of times students are late to school, we have designed a new procedure that gives parents and students a great amount of flexibility while placing a limit on the number of times a student can be late to school. 

 Our students are encouraged to be on time to school, every day, but we need your help to make that happen.  If your child is frequently late to school, or is always rushing to get to school on time, please examine your evening and morning routines to see where adjustments can be made to make going to school in the morning more pleasurable and less stressful. 

 This is what to expect in the event that your child is excessively late to school:

 1st through 5th tardy                            No consequence imposed by the school

Parent will receive a phone call from the school

An Excessive Late Letter will be sent home on the 5th tardy

 6th tardy                                               1 after school detention – same day

7th tardy                                               1 after school detention – same day

8th tardy                                               1 after school detention – same day

9th tardy                                               1 after school detention – same day

 10th tardy                                             Saturday School detention will be assigned

Parent will receive a second phone call

 Subsequent tardies                             Parent/Principal Conference – During this conference, a plan for arrival to school on time will be developed for implementation.  The child will be included in the planning, if appropriate.  

 On behalf of the teachers, counselors, and administrative staff at HMS, please know that we stand ready to assist you with any situations or conditions that are interfering with your child’s attendance.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Mrs. Sandra Horwitz

Assistant Principal

856-429-5851 ext. 225