To the Parents or Guardian of an 8th Grade HMS Student: 


On Thursday, January 30th, 9th grade course recommendations for your child will be posted on Genesis.  Recommendations will be made for the following academic areas:  English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.   We hope you find this information easy to access.  To access course recommendations on 1/30:


·         STEP 1: Log on to Genesis

·         STEP 2: Click on the “Scheduling” tab

·         STEP 3: You should then be able to view recommendations for the courses


While the teacher recommendations are based on a limited timeframe, they reflect your child’s teachers’ best professional judgments and should be given serious consideration when making course decisions for the coming school year.  The recommendations are made with the intent of providing your child with the opportunity to take classes that will be academically challenging.


Overview of Scheduling/Course Selection Process



·         Parents attend the Course Selection Information Night @ HMHS on 1/16/14 from 7-9:30 PM

·         By January 30-HMS 8th grade teachers provide non-binding course recommendations, viewable in Genesis


·         Parents/students review and consider the recommendations

·         2/4: HMHS Administrators and Counselors present course options to students during tutorial

·         2/11: 6-8 PM, HMS Tech Lab Open for students/parents to schedule with the guidance of HMS/HMHS representatives

·         By 2/27, course selections made by students/parents through Genesis

·         Parents are afforded an opportunity to meet with HMS counselor to personally review schedule/answer any questions


We encourage you to consider thoughtfully and critically the courses best suited for your child.  The HMS faculty is providing you with these initial recommendations to help guide the multiple discussions that will be had over the next several months.  I suggest that parents and students think carefully about the level of the classes they request at HMHS.  Accelerated classes in all subject areas are very challenging and require a significant amount of homework each week.  Students and parents should discuss and weigh the child’s outside interests, extracurricular commitments, and academic focus when making high school course selections.  


Over the next several weeks you will receive a great deal of information regarding the courses your child will have the opportunity to take.  For your convenience, all of the electronic communication regarding scheduling from HMS will be archived on our scheduling website at   Parents are encouraged to attend the course selection meeting at the HMHS auditorium on Thursday, January 16 at 7:00 PM.  This meeting will provide you with insights into the academic disciplines and rich extracurricular offerings at HMHS.  Students need not attend this meeting, as they will receive information from their counselor during the school day.


At this time, parents do not need to take any additional steps other than attending the January 16th meeting at 7:00 pm at HMHS.  Meanwhile, students will meet with Ms. Ettinger and HMHS staff in a few weeks to complete a draft of his/her course selection sheet.  This sheet will contain a list of the classes your child wants to take as a freshman, and will serve as a guide when you and your student make the official course selections on the computer via Genesis (there will be an approximate 2-week window where the scheduling portal in Genesis will be open).  At that time, you may contact Ms. Ettinger at or 429-5851 ext. 403 with any questions or concerns. You may also meet with Ms. Ettinger for a conference to discuss the course selections.  This meeting will take place during the school day and both you and your child will be present


Select the option that is best for the needs of your student.  Meanwhile, students receiving special services should bear in mind that their final course selections will not be determined until their annual review conference with the Child Study Team. 


I wish you and your family the very best as you embark on your new journey.  It is an extremely exciting time!  If you have any questions about specific teacher recommendations, please contact your child’s teacher.  For any general scheduling questions, please contact Ms. Ettinger or me so that we may be of assistance. 



Gino R. Priolo