February 21, 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Dear Parent(s) of 5th Grade Students:


Greetings from Haddonfield Middle School!  We are very excited to welcome you and your child to HMS in September!  This letter is to provide you with information regarding our World Language program.  As a sixth grader at Haddonfield Middle School, your child will have the opportunity to make choices regarding his/her course options in World Languages. 


During elementary school your child received a strong foundation in Spanish instruction.  Research demonstrates that learning a World Language at a young age primes young students’ minds to learn additional languages and flourish with language acquisition.  Therefore, we are pleased to offer students coming into Haddonfield Middle School with the opportunity to select from one of three World Languages:  French, German, or Spanish.  Classes will meet three times per six-day cycle for the entire year.


On March 3, March 4, and March 5, teachers from the Haddonfield Middle School World Language department will meet with 5th grade students at the respective elementary schools.  During these sessions our teachers will share some of the exciting possibilities that accompany learning languages as a 6th grader.  Following the sessions, students and parents will have the opportunity to log into Genesis and priority rank (first, second, third) their language of study for sixth grade.  The scheduling portal will open during the week of March 3rd. Selections are due by noon on March 17. 


To access the World Language Selection in Genesis, please follow these steps:


1.     Go to the Haddonfield Middle School website.

2.     At the top of the page, click the link Genesis Parent Access.

3.     Sign into Genesis by entering your email and password (for issues with your login, contact Chris Heintz at cheintz@haddonfield.k12.nj.us). 

4.     If you have multiple students enrolled in the district, select your 5th grader from the drop down located in the upper right of screen.

5.     Click on the Scheduling tab.

6.     Click on the Requests tab.

7.     Under World Language, click Request Course.

8.     You should now see the 3 Languages, French/German/Spanish

9.       Using the drop down, priority rank your selection (1=first choice, etc), then click Request This Course

10.   Repeat for choices 2 and 3


We ask that you engage your child in conversation about the World Language options: French, German, or Spanish.  It is important that students choose a language about which they are genuinely interested.  Please discourage children from selecting a language based on what their friends have chosen.  Instead, encourage them to pursue academic interests based on their own curiosities. 


Ideally, the language chosen now will be the language your child studies over the next three years at HMS.  Because of the need to control class size, the nature of scheduling, and the availability of staff, we may need to schedule some students for their second choice.  This would be done impartially through a random selection process.  Please know, however, that by completing three years of a World Language at HMS, students will have even greater language learning opportunities once they reach the high school, where they will again be able to choose between French, German, Spanish, Latin, and American Sign Language!


We encourage you and your child to spend some time considering which world language course will best suit your needs.  Again, when children are naturally curious about a given topic, the learning experience is always richer.  If you have any questions about the middle school World Language program, please contact me at gpriolo@haddonfield.k12.nj.us or 429-5851.  Please be on the lookout for future communications about HMS; all messages sent by HMS about planning for 6th grade will be archived on our scheduling website at http://www.haddonfield.k12.nj.us/middleschool/Scheduling2014.htm.




Gino R. Priolo, Ed. D.