2014-2015 HMS Scheduling Information
2014-2015 HMS Scheduling Information
For Current 5th Grade For Current 6th Grade For Current 7th Grade For Current 8th Grade
1. World Language Pre-Selection Letter
(e-mailed 2/21/2014)
1. Mathematics Place Rec Info. (e-mailed 3/10/2014) 1. Language Arts Placement Rec. Info (e-mailed 3/4/2014) 1. Save the Date for HMHS Course Overview
(e-mailed 12/16/2013)
2. Save the Date Info (e-mailed 3/27/2014) 2. Math Rec. Info (sent via US Mail on 4/2/2014)   2. HMHS Course Overview Invite from Mr. Klaus and Ms. Matozzo (from HMHS dated 1/6/2014)
      3. Overview of Course Selection Process (e-mailed 1/10/2013)
      4. Welcome Letter from HMHS AP Tracy Matozzo (e-mailed 1/16/14)
      5. Notice that Teacher Recs are Ready to View in Genesis (e-mailed 1/30/14)
      6. Directions on how to Select 9th Grade Courses and Course Selection Reference Sheet (included in 1/30/14 e-mail)
      7. Handouts from HMHS staff to HMS students (2/4/2014)