March 31, 2014


To the Parents of  :


In early March you received an e-mail detailing the math course options available to 7th graders at Haddonfield Middle School.  This document can be referenced at   The letter also explained the student recommendation process for mathematics.  Our goal is to place children so that their potential for growth and success is maximized.  Our math recommendations are based upon evaluation by the sixth grade mathematics teacher and a math proficiency assessment.  Students were either recommended for either :



Any student with a total score of 22 or higher on the recommendation rubric qualifies for the Advanced Pre-Algebra course.  These students will automatically be scheduled for the advanced course unless you notify me of another preference. 


If your child has a total score less than the 22 points necessary, he/she was recommended for intro to Algebra.  The advanced program is not recommended for students who scored below 22 because these students have historically struggled when enrolling in the Advanced program.    They bore what I believe to be excessive amounts of stress.  I encourage every student and parent to be mindful of how the intensity of course work, coupled with extracurricular activities, can affect one’s school experience. 


As another point of reference, the average NJASK Math score for students recommended by his/her teacher for Advanced Algebra is 270.  However, should you still wish to pursue the advanced course, you may choose to complete the math waiver form, which can be downloaded at    The waiver form is intended to document decisions to select courses for which recommendations were not received.  Waiver forms must be completed and returned to me by April 11 in order to guarantee the desired course placement. If a waiver is submitted, parents must then schedule a conference with me, to be conducted no later than April 30.


(Student’s name) scored (score) on the rubric and is being recommended for the (course rec) mathematics program.


To help address any questions about this process, we have developed a Math FAQ (enclosed).  If questions remain about your child’s math recommendation, please contact his/her math teacher.  If you have any general questions about scheduling, please contact your child’s counselor, Ms. McKelvey, at 429-5851, ext. 383. Please note that placement for students with special learning needs will be finalized during the Annual Review.




Gino R. Priolo, Ed.D.