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Dear 8th grade families,


I’m sure you have heard about the VERY warm weather headed our way over the next few days.  While most of us love warm weather, this presents a big problem when skiing/snowboarding/tubing.  As stated in the ski trip forms, March 5, 2017 is the date the trip will be rescheduled for if cancelled for weather.  

 With respect to your time and the bus drivers time, we are making the decision now to reschedule the trip for Sunday March 5, 2017.  The weather is expected to cool down again after this Sunday and that will make for better ski/board/tube conditions.  ***Blue Mountain also recommended this change to play it safe***

If you/your child can no longer attend the trip, please email  Liz Barrett ( lizbarrett11@yahoo.com )  the information below by Tuesday February 28, 2017 and you will be issued a full refund for the trip within 7 business days.  It is important to have an accurate headcount as early as possible for the bus seating.


1. Student Name

2. Chaperone Name ( if applicable )

3. Address to mail refund


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Unfortunately, when you are at the mercy of the weather there are things we can not control.  


Thank you,

Liz Barrett & Amy Carthy


The whole school is excited about our upcoming Book Fair. An amazing selection of books is headed our way!  At the Book Fair you will find the latest and finest titles for kids, as well as books of interest to parents. Stay tuned for the Family Event night, where the whole family can join in the fun. And, you can contribute books to your child's classroom library. The Book Fair is a great way to get everyone excited about reading.  Here's a brief video that highlights the big dreams that can be realized through family reading:

http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/family.   If you want to volunteer for the book fair, contact Book Fair Chairperson Lara Barrett  here: http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/homepage/home_volunteer_form.jsp?fairId=3557852&fairStdate=2016-01-22&fairEndDate=2016-01-29&regionId=14&schoolId=321052&schoolName=HADDONFIELD%20MIDDLE%20SCHOOL

See you at the Book Fair!

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The mission of the Haddonfield Middle School is to teach, guide, and nurture young adolescents. In partnership with parents and the community, we strive to create a school where students want to learn and see the benefit of their learning. We help students become independent learners, responsible decision-makers, and thoughtful citizens. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that integrates  learning – academic, artistic, technological, and athletic – with life. Recognizing the developmental characteristics unique to our students, we build on the foundation of elementary education, and with mutual respect, prepare students for high school and a changing world.