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Using Social Media
Social media tools have become an integral part of our school, work and home life.  The list below describes the different types of social media and provides some popular examples of each.  Today, many social media tools incorporate features from several of the different categories below.
Type Description/Purpose Examples
Social Network Allows users connect with each other by setting up profiles and groups Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace
Blogs & Microblogs Online forums for posting writing, information, or short snippets of information (microblog) for readers or subscribers Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter
Social News Allows users to post news items that are ranked based on popularity Reddit, Digg, Flipboard, Newsvine
Social Bookmarking Allows users to link and organize websites and resources Pinterest, Delicious, Symbaloo, Wanelo, StumbleUpon
Media Sharing Allows users to upload and share various types of media YouTube, Instagram, Flikr, Vine, Dropbox, Google Drive, deviantART
Virtual World & Gaming Allows users to create online personas to communicate and compete with other users Sims, Habbo, Gaia
Collaborative Information & Wikis Allows users to add and edit information in a community database Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, WikiMedia
Ratings & Review Sites Allows users to rate and review goods and services Yelp, GoodReads, TripAdvisor