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Using Information Ethically
Intellectual Property Information Sheet Describes concepts such as intellectual property, copyright, trademark, patent, fair use, plagiarism, and creative commons. An Enduring Understanding about Intellectual Property An important concept about the value of intellectual property rights to society.
What does copyright protect? FAQ's from the U.S. Copyright Office Intellectual Property Conflict Research Assignment [.doc] Research assignment for both the Techniques of Writing  and the Accelerated English 9 classes.
Searching for works with Creative Common licenses "Finding Public Domain and Creative Commmons Media"
page from the Harvard Law School Library site
Alternative Intellectual Property Research Assignment [.doc] Instead of completing the IP Conflict Assignment above, you can select this assignment
Intellectual Property Class Starter Questions Questions that can be used to start a conversation about intellectual property. Respecting Intellectual Property Worksheet [.doc] In-class assignment for both Techniques of Writing and Accelerated English 9 classes.
Haddonfield BOE Policy 5701: Academic Dishonesty To have a full understanding of the breadth of academic actions that are considered dishonest and the degree of potential consequences, all students should read this school board policy.