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eBook choices What are these eBook choices?
EBSCO's eBook Subscription High School and Academic Collection Trial The high school collection contains approximately 10,000 books and the academic collection contains approximately 170,000 books including publications from many university presses and academic publishers.  Simultaneous access is allowed.  The username and password for this trial can be obtained from someone on the library staff.
HMHS's Library Catalog and  Follett Shelf The HMHS library has purchased several ebooks which can be found and read through the library catalog.  Follett Shelf is a component of the library catalog that allows a user to browse only the library's ebooks rather than conducting a search in the catalog.  The Destiny Discover app is needed to view these ebooks on a mobile device.

Databases and Digital Reference

Both the HMHS Library and Haddonfield Public Library have purchased reference books in digital format from the following publishers: Salem, Infobase/Facts on File, WorldBook, and Gale.  Go to this webpage and look for the links to these publishers.

Project Gutenberg

Free eBooks from the public domain.  Over 45,000 ebooks that can be downloaded in standard formats or read online.
Google Books Click here to search Google Books.  Google allows users to search the text of books it has collected through their Partner Program and their Library Project. If books identified by your search are in the public domain (i.e. out of copyright), you can view and download the entire book.  If not in the public domain, the author or publisher may have granted permission for users to view either the entire or a limited preview of the book. If permissions are not granted, standard bibliographical information is presented frequently showing where your search terms appear in the text of the book.
Haddonfield Public Library's OverDrive Download ebooks and audiobooks through the South Jersey Download Center.  You need a current library card to download the books. The OverDrive Media Console app is needed to view or listen to the books on a mobile device. 
Haddonfield Public Library's Cloud Library Access popular, current ebooks through the Haddonfield Public Library's Cloud Library.  You need a current library card to access the ebooks. The Cloud Library app is needed to view or listen to the books on a mobile device.