Welcome to the HMHS Counseling Department

     The mission of the Haddonfield Memorial High School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the emotional, social, career developmental, and academic needs of all students in the Haddonfield School District.  Having a comprehensive counseling program that is fully integrated with the academic mission of the district and works with all stakeholders in the school and community can help ensure success for Haddonfield students.

Tammy McHale
Dean of Student Life/Supervisor of Counseling Services
856-429-3960, ext. 1105
Tina Bozine
Counseling Secretary
856-429-3960, ext. 1113
Class of 2022
Class of 2021
Class of 2020
Class of 2019
Steven Fluharty Jr., MA
Freshman Transition Counselor
856-429-3960, ext. 1151
Freshmen A - Z
Jeff Holman, M.Ed.
School Counselor
856-429-3960, ext. 1129
  A - Fri A - Def A - De
Judy Dorfman, MA, Ed.S
School Counselor
856-429-3960, ext. 1127
  Gag - McD Del - Ku Di - Hi
William Seaman, MA
School Counselor
856-429-3960, ext. 1128
  McG - Row Kw - San Ho - Ot
Carla O'Hara, MA
School Counselor
856-429-3960, ext. 1130
  Roz - Z  Sap - Z Ow - Y