Stop...Cutting Down the Rainforests!!
By Hayley Hawaii


Did you know that 2,500 acres of rainforest are being destroyed every single hour? And if you think that’s bad in every 20 minutes an area of rainforest the size of New York's Central Park is destroyed. I think that people should STOP cutting down the rainforest! One reason why is because animal’s homes will be destroyed. A second reason why is because the trees in the rainforest gives us all oxygen. And thirdly, some of the medicines we have now come from the plants in the rainforest, and they will be destroyed if you cut down the trees. Those are three good reasons why you should stop cutting down the rainforest.This animal lives in the rainforest

I think that people should stop cutting down rainforests because they are destroying the rainforest, and animal’s homes. So those animals might become an endangered species. If a rainforest has no more trees people will build houses there, and that is not good, because the animals that lived there will have no place to go. They could die and maybe become extinct. In every tree you cut down you’re killing at least one animal.

Another reason to save the rainforest is because trees give us oxygen. Oxygen helps us breath. If we didn’t have as many trees as we do now we could die because we wouldn’t have enough air. And since in the rainforests there are lots of trees, we would have less oxygen if we cut down the rainforest. So if you cut the rainforest down you could end up dieing because you don’t have enough oxygen. This plant is in the rainforest

The last reason to save the rainforest is that many of our medicines come from the plants in the rainforest. For example the medicine Vinblastine is found in the Madagascar Periwinkle, and has increased the survival rate of kids that have childhood leukemia by 80%. So if you cut down the trees the plants will be crushed, and cannot be reached. More people will die because we don’t have medicine. And plants that could not have been seen could be a cure for deceases. But if you don’t cut down the trees people that are ill could stay alive because of the medicine in the rain forests. So what ever you need from the rain forests is not worth people dieing for.

I know that you think that if we don’t cut down trees that we wouldn’t have paper or wood, but you are wrong! You could do many things with out cutting down trees. For example you could recycle more, and that means we don’t have to cut so many trees down. And for wood you could save even the smallest piece because you might need it in the future. But if you threw it away then when you needed it you wouldn’t have to buy more. So by saving wood you could save the rainforest and your money. A scene from the rainforest

Imagine the world without the rainforest all those animals that we once had but won’t have anymore. Treatments for diseases like cancer gone. Having houses and factories were the rainforest was. And think if you cut all the trees down now and don’t plant more there wouldn’t be trees animals left that live in the rainforest. So if you cut it down now in the future we won’t have any paper to draw on or wood to make houses. Also you could just do a little thing like recycle and that will help a bunch!!


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