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Supporting Grieving Children


Index of Educational Links

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On-Line College and Graduate Courses Index



State, County and Local Resources

Camden County Professional Development Day, November 7, 2006, Brochure Posted 9/25/06
NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards
NJ Department of Education
Haddonfield High School Library Page: many on-line resources plus additional Teacher Resources page.

USDOE Gateway - over 40,000 educational resources in a user friendly format that has a very fast response time.

Camden County Department of Education


US Department of Education 

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Internet Services and Curriculum

Great Economics Lessons (Grades K-12)
The Internet Public Library
Search Engine Watch gives an overview of the major search engines & tutorials how to use them.
The CyberSmart! Curriculum is non-sequential and is easily integrated, in part or in full.
The Internet Public Library Youth Division

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Teaching September 11

Materials for the Anniversary and Its Aftermath 
September 11th, 2001 Oral History Narrative and Memory Project - National Science Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and Columbia University

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Recent, validated research on educational technology

US Department of Education
PBS: Teacher Source
USDE Office of Educational Technology  – evaluation and research
(ISTE) International Society for Technology in Education
Ed Tech News and Research

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Teacher Tools

Video: Computer's in Plain English

SmartBoard Lesson Activities to Download

The WebQuest Page

Education World - includes up-to-the-minute news, reviews of educational resources, and a teacher's forum for interacting with educators around the world


Lesson Plans Galore  Excellent Resource

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
ERS - Educational Research Service

Education Place Houghton Mifflin's

School Nurses Resource Page

Toolbox for New Teachers

Teachers First  Lesson plans by subject and grade level,  Internet tutorial with a glossary, and Hot topics with updated links to education issues. Weekly brain twister

Blue Web’n  (A library of blue ribbon learning sites)

EdWeb 's Catalog of Websites for Teacher

QUIA "Quintessential Instructional Archive"

The Solution Site K-12 lesson plans that emphasize collaboration and problem solving.

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Differentiated Instruction

ASCD for success of each learner
EIRC ...for the gifted
Literature Sites




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Language Arts

Dictionaries English and world language, Word of the Day, etc

Writing with Writers Students work with writers, editors and illustrators in projects designed to help them develop their skills.  Author studies, study of genres, much more.  Grades 2-8

Purdue Online Writing Lab search through wide variety of writing-related resources

ABCs of the Writing Process

Academy of American Poets includes audio archive of poems many read by their authors.  Biographies and photos of more than 200 poets

Poetry Links Wide range of resources

BookSpot K-12 online books, reviews, reading lists, author information, links to related resources and more.

Recommended Children's Literature Sites

Project Gutenberg - thousands of no-copyrighted books available over the Internet as electronic texts. - classics, children's books, references, etc.

Folk Tales and Fairy Tales - from Scholastic

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English and Communication

EdSITEment - gateway to Internet sites in the area of literature

Shakespeare Links

Links to Mark Twain sites

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History/Social Studies/Geography

Today in History Library of Congress

The American Memory Library of Congress

Ben's Guide to US Government links to grade level appropriate information

History Matters Designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. History courses

Index of Resources for Historians A vast number of links to: research methods and materials, eras and epochs, historical topics, countries and regions.

EdSITEment   gateway to Internet sites in the areas of history and social studies

Native American History links to written history, archaeological and anthropological resources, Native American Codetalkers in WWI & WWII, a virtual visit to an ancient Mayan city - much more.

African American History Links

Martin Luther King Day  A thorough resource for teachers - bulletin board ideas, discussion topics, arts and crafts, language activities and songs, and additional links

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust  An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, and literature.

American Journalism Review   News and columns from American Journalism Review magazine and other new features

NewsLink Links to newspapers, broadcasters and magazines

Blank Outline Maps plus many geography links.

National Geographic Society  NGS’s  Education Program works with educators all over the country to produce lessons, units, and activities designed to bring good geography into the classroom

Jamestown - 400 Years of Exploration

Jamestown- Exploration Then and Now

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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Brain Teasers Each Wednesday evening  a new Brain Teaser is posted for each grade-range. (3-4, 5-6, 7-8)  Solutions are posted a week later

Eisenhower Consortium for Math and Science

Math Archives extensive links for k-12 teaching materials

The History of Mathematics

The Math Forum comprehensive resource for math education on the web.  Includes problems of the week for k-12

Math Education Resources  Lessons and classroom activities k-12

Research for Better Schools

Geometry Glossary

Mudd Math Fun Facts!

Math Enrichment Topics
Sudoku on-line

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Periodic Table Click on each element for its history, sources, compounds, uses and isotopes.  How new elements are named, etc.

WebElements This comprehensive site covers elements from 1-118 and features great detail, illustrations, virtual reality and periodic properties, plus more.

Exploratorium Excellent Resources

Eisenhower Consortium for Math and Science

The Science Page  Amazing number of sites, organized by topic, for the k-12 classroom

American Museum of Natural History

Franklin Institute – Science Museum

The Human Body Adventure


NOAA - National Oceans and Atmospheres Administration  - follow along with current government expeditions, learn about oceanographic exploration technologies, and become acquainted with many of the awe-inspiring life forms living beneath the waves. Great site!

Virtual Frog Dissection   Interactively dissect a digitized frog, make movies, play the Virtual Frog Builder Game.  Also, links to sites related to frogs.   

The Role of Analogies  in teaching science -

Paleontology Museum information, sounds and images related to museum's collection of fossils, dinosaurs and more.

Biomes of the World an Evergreen Project site

Volcano World info on volcanoes of the world, volcanic parks and monuments, lesson plans, current events.

Weather Underground forecasts for selected regions and cities, maps of US by temperature, fronts, pollen counts, etc.

Hall of Planet Earth Part of the American Museum of Natural History

Cells Alive

Digital Library for Earth System Education

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Solar System

Investigating a Planet

The  Nine Planets


Planetary Fact Sheet

Franklin Institute's

Imaginary Planets


Solar System Simulator

Views of the Solar System

Explore the Solar System

Phases of the Moon

Spacelink NASA provides information on recent missions,  instructional materials and curriculum support for science-related topics

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World Language A Wide array of World Language Links

American Assoc. Teachers of French

American Assoc. Teachers of German

Web Resources for Latin Teachers

American Assoc. Teachers of Spanish
Foreign Language Teaching Forum

National Capital Language Resource Center - Resources to support teaching and learning of world languages. - Resources to support teaching and learning of world languages

Lingnet "LingNet is dedicated to supporting the members of the Foreign Language Community in their language learning and sustainment efforts."

EdSITEment   gateway to Internet sites in the area of world languages

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The Art Room Here's a site that teaches you not only how to create art, but also how to think like an artist.

Absolutely ARTS Comprehensive listing of arts related websites.

The Official Louvre Site

ArtsEdNet lesson plans, image galleries, trends in art ed and art texts, forum for exchanging ideas with art educators.

Leonardo de Vinci Explore his contributions to the arts and science through an online interactive unit.

The Splendors of Imperial China

ARTSEDGE Promotes art as a core subject k-12.  National Standards and learning outcomes, teaching materials

Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden (a beautiful garden in New Jersey)

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Health & Physical Education


P.E. Central Lesson plans and assessment ideas.  Links to fitness testing, health and interactive learning sites

Human Anatomy Online 

Kids' Health  
Lesson Plans, Ideas and Activities
Learn about Lung Cancer
Tobacco Free Kids
Tobacco Info and Prevention
Asthma Education Power Point


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