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General Tools

also: Thesaurus, facts about words, and help with writing.
Word Central - Merriam Webster Student Dictionary
CNN: Current Events and Research
Awesome Library

Houghton/Mifflin's Education Place

Time for Kids


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Social Studies


Land Forms

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World War 2

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Southern Colonies

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Ice Age

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US Government

  U.S. Government

Presidents' Game

Presidents of the U.S.
US Presidents Drill

The US Flag and    related links  

Constitution of the 

United States

US Electoral College

How the Electoral College works

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Miscellaneous Social Studies

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Map Skills

Finding Your Way With Map and Compass

How Far Is It? This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places.

MapQuest provides a map of any place in the world!

National Geographic's "Map Machine"
PCL Map Collection - This is a wow! 
Hammond World Atlas

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Sea Animals  

International Dolphin Watch

Cousteau's Dolphin Log

The Cousteau Society

Information on Coral Reefs, Whales, Fisheries, etc.

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 General sites for Science

Pond Library  Interactive - click on creature for facts about creatures in a pond
Create a Pond - A virtual pond activity
Pond Animals with Legs
Pond Animals without Legs
Life in a Pond

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Weather Links

Weather Channel

Weather Hot List Links from the Franklin Institute


Weather Underground forecasts for selected regions and cities, maps of US by temperature, fronts, pollen counts, etc.

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Kidzone  NY Philharmonic site for kids

Yahooligans Music

Classical Music for Kids


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