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General Tools

also: Thesaurus, facts about words, and help with writing.
Word Central - Merriam Webster Student Dictionary
CNN: Current Events and Research
Awesome Library

Houghton/Mifflin's Education Place

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New Jersey

  New Jersey State Page

  Places to go and things to see!

  All kinds of  NJ links!! When you get there - click on the state flag!

Lenni-Lenape Indians

More Lenni-Lenape Indians

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US Government

  U.S. Government

Declaration of Independence

  The US Flag and related links

Constitution of the United States

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List of links and bibliography

More links

NJ Agriculture

NJ Pinelands Kids Corner

Cranberry  recipes


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Famous Black Americans



Black Americans honored on US Postage Stamps

Famous Black Americans

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Social Studies and Science

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General Science Sites

Pond Library  Interactive - click on creature for facts about creatures in a pond
Create a Pond - A virtual pond activity
Pond Animals with Legs
Pond Animals without Legs
Life in a Pond




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Ben Franklin & Electricity 

Ben Franklin and His Electrical Kite

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin the Scientist

Theatre of Electricity - Boston Science Museum

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