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Gifted and Talented in Haddonfield

Identification & Services

 The majority of students within the Haddonfield School District are appropriately challenged with the daily differentiated instruction and enrichment provided within their classrooms. However, prior to the availability of a full day’s worth of accelerated classes, advanced placement classes, and college-credit classes, such as those offered in grades 9-12, Haddonfield Public Schools address the varying needs of its more advanced students with these services:

 K-2 Watch List

During a period of adjustment to the academic environment, parents or guardians of more precocious students may wish to have their children nominated for the K-2 Watch List program.


Nominated students who are currently in grades K-1 will take the Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary School Students, 2nd Edition (SAGES-2).  Using the criteria set by SAGES-2, all students who perform at or above the 95th percentile will be placed on the K-2 Watch List.  Students placed on the K-2 Watch List do not need to be tested again to remain on the K-2 Watch List.


K-2 Watch List test results will be shared with the building principal and teachers of accepted students to ensure level-appropriate instructional differentiation takes place, allowing the student to perform at their highest possible level. If needed, a consultant with an understanding of gifted learners’ needs will be made available to coach both parents and teachers through creating level appropriate challenge suitable for the precocious learner. Not being placed on the K-2 Watch List does not preclude students from later being eligible for any of Haddonfield’s gifted and talented programs. However, placement on the K-2 Watch List does not assume acceptance into the HELP gifted and talented program.

 HELP—Haddonfield Enrichment for Like-minded Peers

Truly exceptional students in grades 3-8 may qualify for participation in the HELP program. The purpose of the HELP program is to identify these exceptionally able students and their cognitive and social-emotional needs so that their instructional program may be appropriately modified.


Nominated students currently in grades 2-7 will take the School and College Ability Test (SCAT). Using the criteria set by Johns Hopkins University, all students who perform within the 98th - 100th percentile range in one or more areas on the test will be accepted into the HELP program. Participation in the HELP program is optional, and students only need to meet the criteria once to qualify.


A consultant with an understanding of gifted learners’ needs will be made available to coach both parents and teachers through creating a challenging and diverse learning climate suitable for the gifted learner. Modifications to the already differentiated daily instruction will be made for HELP program students whose needs are extraordinary.

 Additionally, HELP students are eligible to participate in an optional push-out program that occurs after classroom time is complete. This part of the program is designed as an enrichment cluster to provide students with curriculum opportunities beyond what is offered during the school day, as well as meaningful time with academically and age appropriate peers. The enrichment cluster cycles through mini-courses that vary in the content, skills, and standards addressed.  The program is not designed to create additional work for the student outside of the meetings, but will at times provide options for extension if desired.

 One-hour HELP program sessions meet every week at the Haddonfield Middle School:

         Grades 3-5 Thursdays (after school)

         Grade 6 Tuesdays (during Tutorial)

         Grade 7 Thursdays (during Tutorial)

Grade 8 operates as an independent study. The independent study allows students to study their passion or master a new skill, meeting once a week under the guidance of a mentor teacher.


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