Term Master Schedule

Visiting Scholars may choose courses under: The College of Arts and Sciences; LeBow College of Business; Goodwin College of Professional Studies; University Wide Courses. Click Here for the Term Master Schedule

VSP Policies

New or Current Visiting Scholars:

Students will receive a letter in the mail indicating their acceptance into the program

Upon acceptance, students will be assigned a Drexel student identification number and Drexel student username � this information should be memorized as it will be required for certain courses, exams, and forms.

Students are responsible for obtaining their Drexel DragonCard from the DragonCard office located on campus. http://www.drexel.edu/dragoncard/

Once acquired, students must carry their DragonCard with them at all times while on campus

Students will have access to the Drexel library, computers, and lounges on campus only during the course for which they are registered.

Students are responsible for setting up and accessing their DrexelOne and email accounts.

Courses, General:

Students are only permitted to enroll in courses that are not offered by their high school, unless the student has completed the highest level offered at their high school.

12th grade students may not register for courses the summer following their graduation from high school, unless they are attending Drexel University as a freshman in the Fall.

Students are expected to abide by all Drexel University policies, student code of conduct, and course registration guidelines and procedures unless otherwise noted below.

Approved Colleges/Schools offering courses:

Courses may only be chosen from the following colleges/schools

College of Arts and Sciences

Goodwin College of Professional Studies

LeBow College of Business

University‐wide courses

Course Levels:

Students may only choose courses that are Introductory classes, notated by �100� or �101� course number)

Students will not be enrolled into an secondary‐level course without first completing the course pre‐requisite at Drexel University (high school, AP, or other non‐Drexel college classes cannot replace a course pre‐requisite)


Visiting Scholars in good standing may take 1 course per term at Drexel University (provided space is available and has been approved by the instructor)

Students can search through available courses using the Master Schedule available online: https://duapp1.drexel.edu/webtms_du/

Students should choose 3 potential courses per term, as registration into any class is not guaranteed by the Visiting Scholars program.

Students are responsible for contacting his/her course professor prior to the start of class if there are any questions regarding the coursework or course topic.


Students are able to access their unofficial transcripts and grades online using the DrexelOne portal at: https://one.drexel.edu/cp/home/displaylogin

Students are expected to earn a grade of �B� or higher in each Drexel course.

If a student earns a �B‐� or �C+� in a course, the student is not permitted to register for the following term and must wait one full term before registering again.

If a student earns a �C� grade or lower (or �W�) in a course, the student must wait two (2) full terms before he/she is eligible to register for another course at Drexel.

A student earning two grades of a �C� or lower, two Withdraws, OR any combination of two low grades or withdrawals, will be dismissed from the program.

Missing Class/Excused Absences

Students must abide by the rules set forth by his/her professor regarding missed classes/excused absence as outlined in the syllabus or discussed in class.

Students are responsible for contacting his/her class professor to obtain missed information or assignments (prior to the missed class, if possible).


Add /Drop/Withdraw form and policies can be found online at: http://www.drexel.edu/SRC/forms/Add_Drop_Withdraw.pdf

Drops must be completed by the end of week 2 in a given term

Withdraws must be completed before week 5 (and will result in a permanent �W� on your official transcript)

Students wishing to add/drop/or withdraw from a course must print the proper form, obtain the instructor�s signature, sign the form, and either hand deliver to (5016 MacAlister Hall) or fax (215.895.6813)to the Visiting Scholars program no later than 12:00 noon on the Friday of the deadline period.

Students withdrawing from a course will earn a permanent �W� on their Drexel transcript for that course.

Students withdrawing from a course will need to wait two (2) full terms before registering for another course through this program.

Two course Withdrawals will result in dismissal from the program.