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Drexel University - HMHS Partnership

Partnership allows students to accumulate college credits early

Drexel University and Haddonfield Memorial High School have entered into a partnership that will enhance the curriculum of HMHS and expand student opportunities to take advanced-level and college-credit courses. This is the first-of-its kind partnership that includes free college-level courses for high-achieving students, online classes, cohort classes, and mentoring and faculty-training programs.


HMHS students completing course work at Drexel will receive a Drexel Transcript.


Haddonfield Students participating in the program will receive full college credit for the courses completed and a Drexel transcript. In addition, the courses will be included on their Haddonfield transcript and they will receive full credit for the completed courses. Participating HMHS students receive the same access to Drexel resources as a matriculated student, including an academic counselor, access to the Drexel library, support in the writing centers, tutoring and academic support services, and a Drexel ID.


Drexel Visiting Scholars Program is a highly selective program that allows high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to register, tuition free, for college courses - on a space-available basis - at Drexel�s City Main Campus while completing high school. Working with their counselors and the assistant principal, student applications are submitted to and evaluated by the Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University.


Drexel/Haddonfield Students can take Drexel courses at a reduced fee. Students interested in this program are recommended to Drexel after working with their counselors and the assistant principal. Drexel/Haddonfield students have access to classes offered at Drexel�s City Main Campus as well as on-line and hybrid courses. Any student who participates in this program and attends Drexel as an undergrad will receive a tuition reimbursement.


Cohort Classes are sections of Drexel courses offered either at Drexel or at HMHS for a cohort of eight or more Haddonfield students. The cost of this course will be split amongst the students enrolled in the course.
The Drexel/Haddonfield Partnership is under the umbrella of the Haddonfield Board of Education Option II policy.


Traditionally, Drexel has attracted a pool of HMHS students who respond well to Drexel�s demanding academic curriculum. These students have an average 3.5 GPA or higher and a combined math and reading SAT score of 1200 or higher.

Last year (2008-09), 31 seniors applied to Drexel University, with 23 accepted.