HSD Budget Questions and Answers

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Question:  Does the district pay for the various athletic camps our students attend? (football, baseball, band, soccer…..)   

Answer:  The district does not pay for any of the athletic or band camps our students attend.  These are student/parent funded activities.

Question:  I have heard that the administrators of Haddonfield receive bonuses.  How much are they and what are they for?

Answer:  Administrators in Haddonfield do not receive nor do they have a contract that allows them to earn a bonus for any reason.  District administrators are expected to perform at a high level as a regular part of their job.


Question:  Do Haddonfield employees pay tuition for their children to attend Haddonfield Public Schools if they do not live in the district?

Answer:  If an employee lives outside of the district and they want their children to attend Haddonfield Public Schools they do pay a reduced tuition for their child(ren) to attend.  By contract the rate is 25% of the tuition rate set by the Board for tuition students.  Employee’s children must meet the same academic and behavior standards set for all tuition students.  In addition, tuition students who parents pay the full rate are given first preference when filling the class.


Question:  How much is collected from the athletic gate receipts and how is that money spent? 

Answer:  Athletic Gate Income for 2006-07 and for 2007-2008 (to date) is a follows:


2006-2007                   2007-2008

n     Football                                  $14,202.00                  $10,291.00

n     Girls Soccer                            $     590.00                  $     714.00

n     Boys Basketball                      $  6,054.00                  $  1,186.00 (as of 1/22/08)

n     Girls Basketball                      $  1,685.00                  $  1,009.00 (as of 1/22/08)

n     Wrestling                                $  1,448.00                  $  1,073.00 (as of 1/22/08)

n     TOTAL:                                  $23,979.00                  $14,273.00

 The Gate Income is used to offset the cost of referees, personnel to run the games, and security.